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Planning your triathlon events when it’s just for fun

As someone who happily plods round their triathlons, I hesitate to call my competitions “races”. Let’s face it, the only person I’m racing is myself (and possibly the handful of others vying for last place).

So I prefer to call them “events”. And I love them. For me, events are my reward for putting in all that training. The atmosphere, excitement and the buzz. I’d happily do one every weekend if only the body and budget would allow.

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Racing in times of Covid19 – Ultimate Aquathlon at Alderford Lake

We had to wait until August, but finally multi sport events are back in England. I had my first outing of the season at the Ultimate Aquathlon organised by UK Triathlon at Alderford lake in Shropshire. Here’s my race report.

As well as 2 aquathlon distances, there were 3 triathlon courses – a full iron distance, a half and a ¼ . I’m doing a standard distance in 3 weeks so opted to do the aquathlon as a warm-up event. This was a 1.2 mile swim and 6.5 mile run. My husband, Simon, also chose to do this event – his first multisport competition.

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