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Why rest days matter – even for slow triathletes

I could talk all about muscle adaptation and repair, glycogen stores and so on but basically whatever level of athlete you are, if you don’t have enough rest you’ll end up tired, injured and burned out.

And apart from the physical benefits, try to fit in 7 days training around a normal lifestyle and you’re likely to end up frazzled and stressed.

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Triathlon training with arthritis

Many of us get the odd aches and pains when training, especially at peak training load. But arthritis can mean they occur far more often, or continuously. But does it mean the end of training?

Not unless you have been told to stop by a doctor that understands sport as well as arthritis. There are things you can do to help your training.

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Run/Walk intervals (Galloway Method) – why I’m a big fan

My running journey

Like many, I started running with the Couch to 5k program. I made it to the point where I could run just about run 5k non stop – then my hip started hurting. Eventually I was diagnosed with bursitis – common among middle aged women who suddenly take up exercise apparently!

Every time I tried to start running again, it flared up. Eventually, after over 6 months of physio and no running, I tried again. This time I added just a few short bursts of running into my power walks.

Gradually I extended the run intervals. Then someone told me about Jeff Galloway and his run/walk method. I became a complete convert.

No longer was I “having to walk” because I wasn’t fit enough. I was “choosing to walk” to increase my overall speed.

Since then I’ve stopped trying to get back to running non stop and have become a committed fan of the run/walk method.


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