Cholmondeley Castle Standard Triathlon Race Report

Cholmondeley Castle triathlon was another event deferred from 2020.

I’d entered it in late 2019 as an Olympic distance triathlon that was a bit more challenging than the ones I’d done previously. At the time I was sure I’d be super fit and motivated by the time the race came around!

One year later than planned I arrived at the start line. Not quite as super fit as I’d hoped…….

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Planning your triathlon events when it’s just for fun

As someone who happily plods round their triathlons, I hesitate to call my competitions “races”. Let’s face it, the only person I’m racing is myself (and possibly the handful of others vying for last place).

So I prefer to call them “events”. And I love them. For me, events are my reward for putting in all that training. The atmosphere, excitement and the buzz. I’d happily do one every weekend if only the body and budget would allow.

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How I fell in love with Triathlon

Let’s face it – I’m a very unlikely triathlete.

I’ve always loved sport – as a spectator.

As a child, attempts at taking part usually ended in misery. At my school we played hockey and netball – both particularly unpleasant when you’re short, slow and with poor hand eye coordination (at least netball was mainly inside). My years as a horse riding teenager ended when I was splatted against a tree, forcing me to realise that actually, I didn’t like horses.

I dabbled in other sports over the years. I was always willing to try things in the hope that I might find something I could manage reasonably competently.

But as I got older I became more and more inactive.

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Why rest days matter – even for slow triathletes

I could talk all about muscle adaptation and repair, glycogen stores and so on but basically whatever level of athlete you are, if you don’t have enough rest you’ll end up tired, injured and burned out.

And apart from the physical benefits, try to fit in 7 days training around a normal lifestyle and you’re likely to end up frazzled and stressed.

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Triathlon training with arthritis

Many of us get the odd aches and pains when training, especially at peak training load. But arthritis can mean they occur far more often, or continuously. But does it mean the end of training?

Not unless you have been told to stop by a doctor that understands sport as well as arthritis. There are things you can do to help your training.

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